Classes for all ages and abilities


Classes for all ages and abilities


Fab food for all occasions


Fab food for all occasions


Turn your home into a restaurant


Turn your home into a restaurant


 Upcoming courses

Edible Christmas Presents for adults 5th and 6th December

This is so much fun to do and just as good to receive.  I've increased the range of presents that we can do - it'll be up to us all which ones we choose - from clemencello to ginger vodka, via chorizo jam and panforte, marinated goats cheese, spiced nuts, chocolate truffles and fabulous oatcakes.  If you want to do this, I'll send you the whole list and we'll choose 5 or 6 to do.  You'll take them home with you instead of eating them here - I'll make some bread and something yummy for us to eat while you're here.


Edible Christmas Presents for teenagers 18th and 20th December

These are presents for teenagers to give rather than receive. There's not too much chilli and no alcohol involved.  But there are chocolate truffles, marshmallows, biscotti and fudge.  There are also florentines and spiced nuts and chocolate pecan spread. As with the adult version, there's lots to take home and some yummy things to eat here.  


How to Survive Christmas - 13th December

This is a proper Silly Season course - and one of the perennial favourites.  we do the whole of Christmas lunch in 3 hours - from scratch - start to finish - including cooking the bird (a large chicken in this case, but I'll talk you through the larger version), pigs in blankets, (delicious) sprouts, roast potatoes, stuffings (x 2) bread sauce, braised red cabbage, brandy butter, mince pies and Christmas pud.  Then we sit down and eat the lot,  It's all hands on deck with loads of tips and advice and dos and don'ts, It's brilliant fun and works really well as a Christmas party for offices or a group of friends.  I've scheduled one, but there are other dates available if you have a group who want to do it together.  It's slightly more expensive because of the amount we have to get through - £60 per head as a group or £70 per head as individuals


 Super Simple Suppers

The evening of 17th January.  This course is likely to fill up very quickly so if you want to do it, please be in touch as soon as you think about it. 

 Dishes  take a limited time (less than 20 minutes)  to prepare but are simply scrummy - roast halibut with a pesto crust, steamed seabass with ginger and spring onion, poached chicken with fresh tomato and honey and the like.  £60 per head

Raw food

Jumping on the bandwagon of the hottest trend in restaurants at the moment, this involves tiraditos and ceviches, carpaccios. tartares and salsas.  It's fabulously simple but seriously classy. I have two people wanting to do this course so I need to put in in the diary - if you want to do it as well, let me know and again, we can find a suitable date for all.  £60 per head.

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Previous events


Chocoholic Special

A choc-fest for chocolate lovers. Profiteroles, eclairs, truffles, chocolate chip ice cream and chocolate fondants. If there are adults there will be a lovely chocolate-enriched mole; if it's just kids, chocolate fudge.


Vegan with carnivorous overtones

Mashed and Smashed

Ideal for those who find themselves cooking for teenagers who will only eat vegan food but when the rest of the family is less convinced. These dishes are fab on their own and even better with chicken or fish added to them. It's an eye opener for what you can do.

Black pepper tofu, simple stir fries, pad thai, glass noodles with edemame beans, green squash curry and hot and sour soup. Lovely stuff, easy and filling.


Super Simple Winter Suppers

Mashed and Smashed

An evening session of easy yummy winter dishes - hot, full flavoured and full of good things - honey chilli and mustard roast chicken legs, avocados with eggs, winter minestrone and winter Nicoise as well as an unmissable chorizo and butterbean stew.


Raw food

Mashed and Smashed

Terribly trendy – hot salmon sashimi with ginger and soy, salmon and beef tartare, salsas, ceviches and tiraditos. It’s really easy, incredibly tasty, high protein, low (or no) carb. Almost perfect in every way!



All Saints House, Bute Avenue, TW10 7AX

It's the Mashed and Smashed Pop Up Dinner 2017. It'll be an Autumn Feast. £40 per head or £45 per head including cocktail. BYOB (£5.00 corkage) or choose specially selected wines supplied by me. It's really important that you let me know of dietary requirements when booking.



How to work out what went wrong and do something about it without starting again from scratch.


Duke of Edinburgh Part 2

Fully booked


Awesome fish

Some iconic fish dishes, from Nobu's cod to salt baked dorade and chilli salt squid. Really fun. Tastes great and ridiculously easy to do.


Raw food

From salsas to tiraditos, via ceviches and tartares, there's no real cooking, but it's very good fun.


Duke of Edinburgh cooking Part 1

Please get in touch for the full details of this course. This is the first of a series of 4 sessions.


Eye watering Oriental

Green papaya salad, E&O Pad Thai, Weeping Tiger Beef salad, Chinese Sweet and Sour Peanuts, Vietnamese summer wraps


Green Egg BBQ session

Salmon teriyaki kebabs, slow cooked brisket and Asian slaw, with some proper fajitas (and all that that entails) and some rum marinated grilled pineapple.


The Evening Session

BBQ - or spicy - your choice.


Evening BBQ? or Spicy? session

Either BBQ or Spicy - tell me your preference


BBQing for adults - Green Egg

Salmon teriyaki kebabs, slow cooked brisket and Asian slaw, with some proper fajitas (and all that that entails) and rum marinated grilled pineapple to finish. All cooked on a Green Egg


Half term BBQ session

Half term BBQ session Chicken satays or teriyaki chicken, Herb marinated chicken legs and thighs, Proper potato salad, Home made hamburgers, Toasted home made marshmallows


Half term BBQ

Chicken satays or teriyaki chicken, Herb marinated chicken legs and thighs, Proper potato salad, Home made hamburgers, Toasted home made marshmallows. On the Green Egg, but if the rain sets in, we'll do it indoors. For Yr 6+ (girls) and Yr8+ (boys). Tell me if you're interested and I'll try to keep similar ages / friends together.