Classes for all ages and abilities


Classes for all ages and abilities

PARTY CATERING  Fab food for all occasions

PARTY CATERING Fab food for all occasions


Turn your home into a restaurant


Turn your home into a restaurant


23rd August

Hello everyone and welcome back to the wonderful world of Mashed and Smashed.


Though I will still be Margarooing, now that restaurants are open again, and they need all the help we can give them, I have cut my general cooking down to once a week - ready to be picked up or delivered by Friday lunchtime, just in time for the weekend.  I will post the menu up here when I remember, but it's emailed out on Wednesdays anyway.

Please note that apart from this, I am happy to cook separately (and very regularly do) for people's dinners and lunches.  


The exciting news is that the classes are back in action.  I have done a couple of sessions over the last few weeks and I think we are fine to carry on.  Obviously I can only run the courses if I have 4 or more people booked, and I cannot have more than 6.  

 There are three types of course coming up..  Dates are fluid - they are more suggestions than definites, so if you want to do one but the date doesn't suit, get in touch because you may not be the only one.

1 - The Pre-Uni

This consists of 3 days of cooking, with a premise that everything has to taste great and look great and be reasonably good for you,  but must also be inexpensive in time and money and effort.   It's a mix and match course - though attending all three days will give you the best knowledge and understanding, I know that everyone has different plans and schedules.  There are a couple of groups of teenagers who are doing this together, but it's fine to book independently as long as there is space.  There are lots of vegetarian and vegan alternatives - please ask me for a full menu.  Please note that you don't have to be a pre-uni student to do these days, but they are designed with those people in mind.  Each session is 4 hours long and costs £60.

The three days are

5th September - Oriental  (stir fries, curries etc)

7th September - Chicken / pork  (casseroles, sticky ribs and wings, meatballs, couscous etc)

9th September - Pasta sauces and rice  (different sauces, quick pizza, risotto etc)

2: The Moroccan course. 

This is by request.  Historically this has been the most popular course I have ever run, and I am delighted to be asked to do it again.  It's full of tagines and hummus, baba ganoush and lovely salads.  It is 4 hours long and costs £60.  I have scheduled this on 10th September but it can be moved.


3: The D of E courses 

School has been out for months and months, but somehow people are already booking into this.  I only have space for 7 groups and I was oversubscribed last year.  Just saying ... two groups are already booked up.  They need to be on Saturdays and Sundays.


Please get in touch if you are interested in any of these courses, whether they fit your schedule or not. 

I look forward to hearing from you 



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