Suggested Cooking course for Duke of Edinburgh 
How it works 
Children for the “Life Skill” section of the Bronze and Silver  are expected to do one hour a week or two hours every two weeks.  We do three hours every three to five weeks, which allowed for rugby matches, swimming galas etc.  Each session actually lasted between 2 ¾ hours and 3 ¼ hours, with a fair amount of running around, and the children were utterly flaked at the end. 
The children were actively involved in all the cooking, but they were not necessarily responsible for the whole of every dish.  They ate what they produced and are expected to practice something at home.  Photographic evidence required and possibly parental feedback required!!  Parents to be invited to the end of the last session so that the children can serve them what they have cooked.  
Cost per head is £160.   Ideally there will be 6 teenagers in total. 
We find that Sunday afternoons have worked best because it suited the children’s activities best.  I am open to other suggestions.  Saturday mornings could work as well….. 
A discussion on different cuts of meat and what they mean to the cook 
How to cook a steak 
How to make lovely herb butters 
Mashed and Smashed Beef stew 
Bolognese: how not to taste like school mince and what to do with it 
(Cannelloni / lasagne / shepherds pie) 
One egg dish (scramble, boil, fry, omelette) 
The difference between the labels when buying a chicken 
Roasting a chicken 
Thai Chicken Curry 
Chicken chorizo casserole 
Chicken stock and what to do with it – soup  
One egg dish and a pudding  (crumble and custard?) 
A discussion about the principles of cooking fish. 
Fish Pie 
Fish Cakes 
Moules Marinieres 
Steamed cod / seabass with ginger and spring onions 
One egg dish /  pudding (meringues?) 
Basic Italian 
Compare / contrast different types of pasta and talk about why you use one type or another for various sauces. 
Amatriciana sauce 
Classic Carbonara 
The boys can make their own bolognese (proving that they can) 
Crème brulee (with a flame thrower)